COPYRIGHT (C) 2011 JOBSEEKER.NOADZ.BIZ. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. SITE BY COMOWEBDESIGN Recruitment Agencies. Recruitment consultancy is big business. However is it really a whole industry designed to help you in your job search? Well not quite. Think of them as agents, who get paid for finding, and delivering talent (you) to employers. Hiring companies are their customer, you are simply their product. Even so, they can be very useful in your job search, as long as you know how the game works, and how to get the most out of them. It’s important to understand what registration means. Generally it means your details will be registered on the company database. If you are to be matched to a vacancy in the future it will be when a consultant searches against keyword criteria and your CV is identified. Registering your CV does not mean you are applying for a position! Plenty of candidates believe they can sit back and wait for the offer of potential vacancies to come flooding in. it is often a very long wait. Recruitment consultants are trained to focus on activity which has the opportunity to make them money. That means screening applicants for the vacancies they have. The primary tool in doing this is the advert response which is favoured for one main reason; candidates who apply have expressed an interest in the role, therefore such candidates are more likely to accept the role if offered. The result is more money for the recruiter. The database may be more of a marketing tool than a method used to source candidates. Clients may be wowed by the number of of candidates and the market coverage that a vast database indicates. What they don’t know is that the database simply stores the CV of every applicant for every role the company places. I have seen CV’s on a database that were 4 years old. Those candidates are probably not looking anymore! By registering with the agencies you run the risk of joining this not so select group. Well that’s about all you need to know. Now you’re informed, make your own mind up, and use recruitment consultants for what they can offer; access to jobs, information on employers and feedback to help you improve.
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