COPYRIGHT (C) 2011 JOBSEEKER.NOADZ.BIZ. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. SITE BY COMOWEBDESIGN A cold call is when you call someone on the phone who is not expecting your call for the purpose of getting that person to do something for you. Sales people use cold calling to introduce themselves to potential sales prospects in the hopes that this person will buy something from them. Recruiters use cold calling to find companies who will let them work on jobs that they are trying to fill. We also use cold calling to find job candidates for the jobs that we're working on. You can use cold calling to speak with potential hiring managers to enquire about jobs with their company. Cold calling 50 people on the phone is obviously more effective than visiting 50 companies in person but cold calling is one of the hardest - and most maligned - tactics that people use to get what they want. Mostly, it's because cold calling has so many negative stereotypes associated with it: It's scary to do It uses scripted, forced conversations that sound like a sales pitch The fear of being rejected or not knowing what to say Cold calling is not easy but it doesn't have to be difficult either. Plus, because the vast majority of people who are looking for the same jobs you are will not cold call employers, you can use it to separate yourself from them. The best way to approach cold calling is to have a plan of attack before you pick up the phone. I'd suggest against totally scripting your calls because you don't want to sound like you are reading from a script nor can you actually predict exactly what the person you will speak with will actually say. But if you have little or no experience with cold calling, what you might want to do is write out a marketing message that you will use for your cold calling to refer to when you the hiring manager answers the phone. A suitable goal of a cold call for a job searcher is to get a relevant hiring manager on the phone and to get them to agree to meet with you in their office. In other words, you want to get an interview.
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